Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm going RETRO and I'm never coming back!

Here in South Florida it's ALWAYS beach weather. Well, except for those darned hurricanes, torrential downpours and winter days that make me wonder WHY I left New England. Whether it's the beach or the pool at the Island Club, I have to be ready to put on a bathing suit at the first crack of sunshine in order to live the good life. Not only that, but my days have me in skirts, dresses and shorts so my legs are ALWAYS exposed.

I have to tell you that there's a constant BATTLE between my razor and my legs. I've used disposable razors, but when I became conscious of the impact of my tossing out plastic handled 4-blade razors on the environment, I changed my tune. Other than the decision as to whether to shave with one blade or up to four, I've always felt that a razor is a razor and it didn't matter what brand, type, etc. that I used. But, that's because I just hadn't found a razor that shaved close and still offered me the safety features of those disposables.

That was until NOW!!!

Chadd Bennett of Retro Razor warned me that I'd fall in love with this Old Fashioned single blade razor before I even tried it. Of course I had visions of blood running down my legs and going out in Jimmie Choo's with band-aids covering my ankle, knee and various other spots. I even put off trying it. I've had it sitting on my desk for over a week now, knowing that I promised to review it. The weather's been PERFECT and I didn't want to have to cover up if the above scenario rang true.

So...this morning I finally tried the Retro Razor. Here's what I found

  • It is REALLY a safety razor.
  • I DIDN'T CUT MYSELF....not even a teeny, tiny knick.
  • I didn't experience any razor burn.
  • It's GREEN - this razor will last you for many years, the only thing you toss are the actual blades (by using the Retro Razor over disposables - you'll REDUCE waste by 97%).
  • It's economical, frugal, cheap - or whatever word you want to use - the blades can cost as little as .15 each.
  • It felt REALLY good using it. It has some weight to it and it felt balanced, not like those light, cheap disposables that I was using.
  • This was the CLOSEST shave I've ever had. My legs look and feel silky and smooth.
  • My husband tried to steal it from me, so I know it must be good.
I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. By the way with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up over the next couple of months, you might want to get one of these as a gift. It's inexpensive and at the same time it's SO LUXURIOUS. This is definitely a product that will help you LIVE RICH for LESS!

IF YOU MISSED THE COMMENT BELOW - CHECK IT OUT. Chadd the CSO (Chief Shaving Officer) at Retro Razor is offering 10% off to all of Champagne Living's readers on AND ~~~~
Just use the Code: CHAMPGNE


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Chadd Bennett said...

Hi Zippy,

I am glad you love it! You and your readers are welcome to use promotion code CHAMPGNE on Amazon or our site for 10% off!

Take care,


Zippy said...

You'll be seeing me buy a second one around Father's Day!

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