Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to the New Improved Champagne Living

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of Champagne Living's readers, for without each and every one of you I'd be drinking that bottle of Dom Perignon all by myself, and what a headache I'd have in the morning. If your new here, kick back with a nice glass of wine and begin enjoying the good life RIGHT NOW. Why wait for that windfall to come in to start living rich when you can be Champagne Living with what you already have?

You'll notice that there are all sorts of new tabs across the top to make it easier to find posts by category.
  • Simply Mahvelous - I know that you're already the epitome of style and elegance. Style, elegance, beauty and health posts so that the next time you go out, you'll be simply gorgeous.
  • The Mansion - No castles in the sand here. You'll find real ways to find and afford your mansion. Already there? Tips and tricks for decorating and making those expansive rooms feel cozy and warm. Maybe you'll be staying in for a romantic dinner. Check out The Mansion and don't forget that bottle of bubbly.
  • Social Butterfly - Ready for a night out on the town? How about a hot Broadway show? Want to find out how to have dinner in that trendy new restaurant at a discount? Looking to dine out for FREE? Is it Charity Ball season already? Your social life will never be the same. Discount dining, tickets, free movies, and more.
  • Silver Platter - At Champagne Living we believe in handing you things on a silver platter, because YOU DESERVE IT. So, you'll find freebies, great deals and sweepstakes that you can use to enhance your lifestyle.
  • The Gossip - You'll find the buzz about great new products as well as old favorites. This is the place where the staff and guest writers at Champagne Living speak their mind about anything and everything.
  • World Tour - The staff at Champagne Living are avid travelers and always on the hunt for the next great travel deal. Be treated like a VIP, get upgrades, etc. We know there are times that you can't get away, so you'll find plenty of armchair travel and reviews as well.
  • The Mansion - No castles in the sand here. You'll find real ways to find and afford your mansion. Already there? Tips and tricks for decorating and making those expansive rooms feel cozy and warm.

You'll also notice that there is a box at the end of each post with various options from subscribing to Champagne Living via feed or e-mail as well as buttons to save the post to Stumble, Digg, Technorati, etc.

Our sponsors are located on the sidebar as well as in some posts. Many of our sponsors provide free samples or more information about some of the subjects that we write about, so please feel free to visit them during your visit here. Last but not least are my favorite blogs on the web. Some of them offer more in depth information about how to live the good life, while others just give me a chuckle when I need it.

I'd like to send a Magnum of Perrier Jouet to Wendy the Computer Lady, who is the artist/designer behind the new Champagne Living. Please join me in raising a flute of champagne to her.

Remember to check in daily for new updates. It's time to start living the rich life on less!


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Anonymous said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

I just love your new look. I also love your font style for your signature. You rock Zippy.

Zippy said...

Thanks Joe , Thanks Anonymous (I KNOW who you are...LOL). I feel like Natalie Wood in West Side Story - singing "I feel pretty."

ProjectHope7 said...

ever what a metamorphis! Great job Zippy and Wendy!!!! So profesional and easy to use. Many kudos to both of you. I am sure this will increase your traffic!! Congrats!

Zippy said...

Thanks Cathy. Now if only Wendy could only do the same for my face (a little nip/tuck couldn't might be nice).

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