Sunday, February 22, 2009

Help Re-Decorating The Mansion

I'm one of those who just LOVES to decorate and re-decorate my home. I think I caught this "bug" from my mother. I remember helping her to move the furniture around every couple of months or so. I also remember my father's "OUCH" when he came home late from work and it was dark, having just walked INTO the chair that had NOT been there when he had left the house earlier in the day. SORRY DAD!

So, it goes without saying that I also love home decorating magazines.

Mercury Magazines
is giving away FREE 1 year subscriptions to Metropolitan Home Magazine.

I have to tell you in advance that the questions are BUSINESS related and you may feel like you're jumping through hoops to get this. From my perspective, spending 5-10 minutes filling out the form is WELL WORTH a FREE subscription that normally would cost you a cover price of $49.90 a year if you bought it at the market checkout.

I'll give you ANOTHER hint. Here's a quick way to get through that form
  1. Chose "Other"
  2. Next chooses "Homemaker"
  3. Then "None"
  4. Finally "None" once again

That way I don't have to go through the lengthy list.

Enjoy your magazine subscription - it's time to redecorate the mansion!


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