Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review: FINALLY an eco-friendly shopping bag that I don't forget to bring with me.

When it comes to going green I have the best intentions. I drive a Hybrid,have been recycling our trash for MANY years, we waste very little, etc.

Then why is it, that when I go to the grocery store I almost ALWAYS forget to bring in my cloth grocery bags? Oh - wait, I know - because there they are in the trunk of my little Hybrid "Hal."

It's just an "out of sight, out of mind" thing I think. I don't know why I keep them in the trunk, they probably should be in the car on the seat next to me where I'll remember them. But, it doesn't matter anymore.


It doesn't matter because TuckerBags sent me one of their cute little eco-friendly, designer, reusable grocery bags.

Yes, that's a GROCERY BAG hanging from the LV. How can I forget a bag when it's ATTACHED to my bag? It's ingenius! The TuckerBags come in a range of over 18 styles and colors, so there'll be one to match whichever bag you may be carrying (they sent me mine in a blue Hawaiian Print - I love it - it's SO South Florida).

Check out how HUGE they get when they're fully opened. They hold a whopping 35 lbs. worth of groceries, and actually will replace 2 of the plastic bags that they give you at the grocery store. I also thought that they'd make a VERY nice beach bag for the summer as well (maybe it has something to do with the summery design on my bag - I bet that they'd be able to hold a COUPLE of those BIG beach towels, PLUS my lotion, sunglasses, a book, lunch, water, a radio.....). They definitely are very versatile. All of this tucked into a little 4" pouch with a clip.

Oh and not only are you helping the environment by not cluttering up the landfill with those plastic bags, but TuckerBags supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Salvation Army Food Appeals and the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation as well. Personally, I LOVE supporting companies who give back!

So, now you don't have to be like I WAS, with a trunk full of cloth bags that you forget.

By the way, you can purchase TuckerBags in stores around the country or directly from their Website. Keep your eyes on Champagne Living for an upcoming giveaway from TuckerBags VERY soon. In the meanwhile, check out Sweeties Sweeps, to WIN a Tucker Bag of your own.

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Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I *always* forget ours too!

Visiting from MomBloggersClub :) Hi ya!

Claudia said...

The shops are round the corner from me so why drive? That is even more eco friendly. But I hate carrying bags - I use a rucksack. But just the other day I bought myself a funky trolley which carries about 3 large bags worth of groceries. Plus you can put heavy items in it and transport with no strain. When I'm shopping I just fold it up and put on the rack under the shopping trolley.

Zippy said...

Oh Claudia - a is it one of those Grandma ones? LOL - I used to live in walking distance to the grocery & I always wanted one. I think that I'd decorate it with ribbons and flowers and a horn...JUST KIDDING.

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