Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live Rich by Shopping Smart - Ina's NYC

What rock have I been living under? I know that lately I've had a lot on my mind, but really. I'm living the Good Life here and I totally MISSED that Ina now has an eBay store? How can one live rich for less if you don't know about the BEST of the resale/consignment shops?

OK, so my BIG plan was to take a drive down to Palm Beach sometime soon and take you on a tour of what I think are the BEST places to buy designer duds. We're talking resale/consignment here, because FRANKLY that St. John suit - even if it's on clearance is NOT in this Diva's price range. I'm also planning some upcoming trips and I thought I'd see if Ina in NYC had any special sales going on. I wasn't expecting to find a re-do of the big Sex and the City sale (when they sold off all of the clothes used on the show), but I was hoping for a little something good.

Apparently, I can shop from the comfort of the mansion now. Of course, it seems that Ina is only listing the high-end apparel (she's known to have EVERYTHING from cheap to OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive) online right now, but at least we can do a little "window shopping" - right?

Oh, and if you're in NYC or going for a little visit. Ina has FIVE locations (including one just for the GUYS - which is pictured above).

"For the trendiest pickings from American and European runways -- mixed in with rather chic no-name clothes -- visit INA"

-New York Magazine

OK, back to reality now


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