Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ski areas that will let you live rich...

It's been said that skiing is a rich man's sport. Since living in Florida these past four years, we haven't had the opportunity to go skiing. Before moving down here, we lived in New England, so skiing was a weekend activity that we did a LOT. We also spent almost every February vacation in New Hampshire with friends and family. I realize now how much I miss going up to the mountains. There was always that "ahhhhh" feeling when we were driving up from Rhode Island and saw that first snow-capped peak in the distance.

I have to admit here that I'm no "skier", as I was always happy to stay put on the bunny slope and the green trails. I LOVE the ski lift though. Especially if I NEVER HAD TO GET OFF. I could be one of those people who go up the mountain on the lift & then back down again...LOL. Of course - rope tows, t-bars & j-bars were always a HUGE source of embarrassment. Yes, I was one of those that they'd have to STOP the darned thing for while I got up, dusted myself off & tried again - while everyone else waited and moaned (or thought to themselves - "I'm glad that's not me").

Still, the scenery, family fun and most of all the LODGE afterwards were always a major source of enjoyment.

Unfortunately, the price of a Lift Ticket is ridiculous. With the price of skiing averaging $80 a ticket PER PERSON, it's no longer something that you do without much planning. There are however, plenty of discounts and deals if you plan in advance or choose your mountains carefully.

Generally speaking, skiing in New England will cost less than skiing out West. Be aware that you won't have the open trails and powder and you have to know how to maneuver ice and narrow trails (surrounded by LOTS of trees). Of course if your preference is cross country skiing, the trails in New England are perfect!

Here are a few Northeastern lift ticket deals in case you want to take the family up for a day/weekend/week of skiiing.

  • Ragged Mountain - $79 Carload Wednesday - only 90 minutes from Boston, you can ski on any non-holiday Wed. (up to 8 people) for under $80 = $10 per person.

  • Bromley - February 6 (tomorrow at this posting) - $15 lift tickets for moms who show a picture of their kids (to benefit the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Foundation)

  • Magic Mountain - Gather up a few of your friends to form a "mini'group." Mini-Groups of 2-3 people ski for only $25

  • Black Mountain (also known as Black & Blue mountain as it's where I learned to ski) - $15 lift tickets on Wednesdays
Go - have a good time, and think of me as you're sitting at the bar in the lodge next to that cute snow bunny or snow hottie. I'll stay on the lookout for more great skiing steals and deals.


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