Friday, February 13, 2009

Full Mailbox - Full Wallet

Getting things free in the mail can make a big impact on keeping your wallet GREEN. And we're ALL about being green here at Champagne Living. While waiting for the NEW No Reservations video to arrive from the Travel Channel, I decided that today I should post some FREEBIES. Why? Champagne Living is about living the LUXURIOUS Life for Less, not the Cut-off's and sweatpants life. Of course these are no ORDINARY Freebies, these are freebies that make you feel RICH. So without further ado....
  1. Sample of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely Collection
  2. Uneven Lies: The Heroic Story of African-Americans in Golf , by Pete McDaniel - book to download from Titleist (sells for $16.47 on Amazon)
  3. FREE $25 Gift Certificate from the American Gem Society (just in time for Valentine's Day)
  4. Free $10 iTunes Gift Card from Pulte Homes
  5. How about a subscription to Martha Stewart Living? Yes, free of course.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th and I'll be back later with Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations as well as some other great ways to Live Rich for Less!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Martha Stewart subscription. I'm enjoying my 1st issue of More magazine that was another freebie that you posted. I love your site!
Laura B

Zippy said...

Thanks Laura. I'll keep on the lookout for more magazines now that I know you like them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Zippy. Have a great day.

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