Friday, January 2, 2009

Small pleasures - READING

Sometimes the difference between LIVING RICH and just scraping by are the small pleasures that we allow ourselves. One of MY pleasures happens to be books. Unfortunately, between life and the Internet, I have found that I have had less time to read. Looking back, it wasn't the actual TIME to read that I lost, but really the time it takes to go to the library and walk through the stacks (only to find that the bestseller that I want to read is reserved for the next three years). So, I tend to go to the bookstore.

The problem that I have with buying books is that the COST has gone WAY up. Paperbacks can cost $25.00 or more - YIKES! So, I buy LESS than I want. THEN, WHAT DO I DO WITH THE BOOK AFTER I READ IT? Maybe I pass it on, but more likely it sits on a shelf collecting dust (and that means the I HAVE TO DUST IT).

I was very excited when I found out about this new ONLINE BOOK RENTAL service
. It looks like it was created using the same model as Netflix®. You can subscribe to
for as little as $9.95 a month (1st month) for 3-books at a time (with plans that allow you to rent up to 11-books at a time for the devout reader). Like the video rental services, books are shipped both ways with no additional cost to you. PLUS, if you REALLY LOVE a book and want to keep it, you can purchase it right from them.

is an Eco-Friendly company, as renting a book instead of purchasing means that less paper is consumed and, ultimately, fewer trees are cut down. BookSwim understands that it's both good business and good conscience to take care of the Earth, so they go a step further - for every gift card they sell, they plant a tree through a partnership with

Whether you're looking for new releases, bestsellers, or classics, they have something for everyone. Remember, you'll pay NO LATE FEES.

By the way, if you have kids in college like I do BookSwim also rents TEXTBOOKS. With the price of MOST textbooks being over $100 each, this could end up being a GREAT DEAL.

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foamfan said...

This is a great idea. I'm the worst about stocking up on books at Borders or somewhere (on sale, even) and then deciding, "oh, this book isn't one I want to read over and over." And I haven't forged into the electronic books gizmos, yet, either. They sound pricey...especially, if one is a "bookworm junkie!"

Zipporah said...

I still like holding a book in my hand to read. I haven't tried the kindle yet, but my eyes get very tired staring at a computer screen - so I still prefer an old fashioned BOOK.

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