Friday, January 30, 2009

Make a reservation to visit Chicago - on Tuesday

It's not too often that Anthony Bourdain visits cities in the U.S., so I'm sure this will be a treat. I'm thinking that the combination of the gritty city and Tony's edgy personality will be a mix we won't soon forget. I understand that he's got some UNFINISHED BUSINESS to rectify (uh-oh).

When people think of Chicago they think of deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, seafood from the Calumet River and Mancow Muller, Chicago's own shock jock. Tony decides to put all of them to the test and soak in even a bit more of Chicago, such as meeting with avant-garde chef Homaro Cantu, and dinning at the famous L20. He even makes an appearance at a backyard BBQ, for homemade specialties like sausage, creamed corn and beans.

Tony concludes that although Chicago has been dubbed 'the Second City' – Chicago holds it's own as a great metropolis and in fact needs no comparison. Make sure you watch on a full stomach, because the food looks delicious!

Catch the new episode Monday, February 2nd at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel. I'll be glued to my TV set watching too!


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dh said...

I haven't seen 20 for 20 - but in Ohio we have shows that kids can go to for 5.00. They reserve a spot (not a seat) and then go to the ticket counter before the show and pick out seats. My daughter and her friend saw Dracula put on by Ballet Met that way.

Zipporah said...

That's great. It's SO important for kids to get to see live theatre. The prices of regular adult tickets were starting to get so out of hand, that people weren't going as often as they used to. Thanks goodness for programs like 20at20 and the one in Ohio that your daughter is able to access.

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