Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lonely Rich Women

OK, I just know that I’m going to get a TON of unwanted hits based on that title. But, there’s something about a title that GRABS your attention. What – you thought I was going to introduce you to a bunch of lonely rich women? Now I KNOW you’ve wandered on to the wrong blog….LOL.

I actually had an article written about me last May in the Palm Beach Post. Now, the PBP is not a small newspaper, and other papers picked up the story. I had won a sweepstakes and there was quite a bit of other media attention because of it as well (television interviews, etc). But, it never spread like this one did. WHY?

The title of the article was -

“Local 'Sex' contest winner had a wild time in New York.”

I’m not kidding that’s actually how it read. If you’d like to read the article in its entirety you can find it on the Palm Beach Post.

Thankfully, I’m not the type who gets embarrassed, just the opposite. I thought it was a GREAT attention getter and a lot of fun. It has become one of those “facts about me” that when someone asks what’s new in my life….well, you get the picture.

Creating a rich life means not just buying nice things, or going to wonderful places…but it includes creating interesting experiences that get woven into your story. So, go out there and live life with a little more pizazz. Oh, and you don’t have to win a “Sex” contest like I did…..you can do it your own way.


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Keely said...

But I WANT to win a 'sex' contest!!

Zipporah said...

Keely, that's why I love your blog so much....because just like that comment - you always put a smile on my face. So - go forth & win a SEX contest my friend!

foamfan said...

I used to work as a daily newspaper copyeditor, and it's strange how headlines sometimes turn out. Not many people understand that if you're hanging your head over the keyboard at 5 am, on deadline, with umpteen people screaming at you...some funny stuff is gonna come out, whether intended or not!
It was legend at our paper, that in the early '70s, some group was touting meat from beavers, as an answer to high consumer meat prices. One of the food editors designed a whole page with a huge headline: "How About a Beaver Burger?"
Needless to say...the men in the paste-up shop fell out on the floor, laughing...and had to do some explaining to do, to the not-as-worldly-as-she-thought editor.
"Winning a 'Sex' contest," is just a little more plain-spoken in comparison!!
Let's all have a winning year, in 0-9!

Jackie Silver said...

Funny! That's why I always say, "Public is the new private" LOL Hugs!

Zipporah said...

um, a Beaver Burger - glad that I just won a Sex contest. AND I'M PROUD to say, that I'd LOVE to win a sex contest like that again!!

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