Sunday, January 4, 2009

Living Rich means Little Luxuries

Yesterday I indulged in one of my favorite little luxuries, a pedicure. It's just one of those factors in the Champagne Living lifestyle that's very important to me.


We all (especially moms) have a tendency to put everyone ahead of ourselves. The kids need back to school clothes, the hubby can't live without a new thing-a-ma-bob (my Big Guy always seems to "need" something golf related) and so we put ourselves on the back burner when it comes to the little luxuries.

But what about us? If we keep putting off doing something nice for ourselves, what happens is that we (no, I) start to feel like I don't deserve anything nice at all. AND THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE. You and I - we all deserve to be treated to something special once in a while. Which is why I got the pedicure (and the foot & leg massage - ahhhhh).

What is it that is your special treat? Is it a piece of good chocolate? Why not stop in at the Godiva store and buy yourself a truffle? ONE TRUFFLE probably won't break the budget and the pleasure that you get from it is sooooo worth it. Is it a double tall extra whip mocha from Starbucks? Then girl (or boy) you've GOT to go in and order yourself one.

Granted, I don't do these things daily. Then they wouldn't be my "special" treat if I did. So, today I want you to figure out what small luxury would really make you feel GREAT and find a way to enjoy it.

Have fun, indulge yourself a bit, you deserve it.


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Cindy said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Love the pedicure, I just gotta have one - when I figure out how to let someone touch my feet :)

Zipporah said...

Ticklish? I treated a good friend to a pedicure not realizing she was ticklish. She almost kicked the woman in the mouth, now we stick to manicures....:)

foamfan said...

Great idea! I like the spa manicures with the aromatherapy, and even the hot wax dip. (I try to forget that jr. high friends were sort of doing the wax dip, years ago, for FREE, by melting candles on their hands while out Christmas caroling by candlelight!! Who knew it would someday be a beauty treatment??)

Zipporah said...

I love the hot wax - your skin always feels so smooth after. That's too funny about your jr. high friends....they could have marketed it & made a MINT!!!

ProjectHope7 said...

treating myself by doing some more exploring on your new site Zip! The new setup allows us to browse through older posts by category. Love it. But have to say when I stumbled on this article, I was blessed. Seems many of us women who are 39+(smiling)...need to remind ourselves of this very thing. last year a couple of my girl friends and I made a promise to each other to start doing the mani , pedi nail treats monthly... it's such a morale booster!
thanks for your posts!! I too signed up for the beauty tester...let's see what transpires.
cathy b
project hope 7 (at) g mail (dot) com

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