Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's actually OK to be a Pig - if you're a Smart one!

Yesterday evening I was contacted regarding a Twitter Giveaway that Smarty Pig wanted me to post on TweetSweep, my blog that lists Twitter based giveaways and contests. As always, I did my homework to find out what Smarty Pig was all about.

I was surprised that I had not heard of them before. Not only is Smarty Pig a GREAT way to start teaching your kids about savings accounts, but they're associated with West Bank, so they're FDIC insured, which means you never have to worry about your savings. Opening an account on SmartyPig is absolutely FREE. In fact, you can open your account, create a goal, reach your goal, and redeem your goal, and SmartyPig won't charge you a thing.. Wait - did I tell you about the rate of interest?

3.25% APY

& they PROMISE to always maintain a competitive rate for account holders

With MOST banks paying a whopping .5% (or in some cases 0% if you don't have a large enough account), I'm thinking that this would be GREAT for us GROWN-UPS as well.

SmartyPig has been described as "Banking 2.0" and is a cool way for parents trying to teach their children about good financial habits in a world where the concept of saving up for something before buying it has become foreign. PLUS, Smarty Pig is the only banking application that’s actually SOCIAL! You can add their widget to your MySpace or Facebook page (or your blog or website). They're even on TWITTER.

You’ve got to check out the cute gift cards they offer. Parents, grandparents, cousins and friends can give the GIFT of a savings account (and present the receiver with a pink Smarty Pig Gift Card).
SmartyPig gives consumers even more for their money by offering additional incentive boosts (up to 6%) from best-in-class retailer partners like Best Buy, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Sandals and Home Depot when they reach a savings goal.

SmartyPig's smart, simple and secure approach to savings teaches the benefits of good financial habits, reverses the credit card "buy now, pay later" mentality and makes saving money a fun and easy experience.

Recently awarded the “Best of the Web” award by and with customers in all 50 states and D.C. you should be seeing more & more of Smarty Pig.


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