Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Rich - Cheap is the New Black -

How do I know that cheap is the new black? Beside the media telling me every three minutes that I should be shopping at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart for my groceries, I've seen it with my own eyes.

I've always tried to live rich on less. It's instinctual for me and most likely it is for most of you too. That's why you gravitate towards blogs like Champagne Living. We are another source in the sea of cheap, free, frugal living sources that one can find on the internet. Hopefully we're a little different than the rest, as we're not touting the coupon clipping, I have nothing and I FEEL POOR lifestyle. Just the opposite. I want you to come here and find ways to feel like you just inherited a windfall, because you're living the high life (even though your income hasn't changed). Don't get me wrong, coupon clipping and shopping at the dollar store are GREAT WAYS to save, it's just not what I write about on a "regular" basis.

But even the wealthy are beginning to cut back and watch what they spend. What does this mean? It means that we're finally IN STYLE! When my Harper's Bazaar late in 2008 arrived with a COVER article about "How to be fabulously frugal this holiday season" that clinched it for me. Don't think that the wealthy haven't ALWAYS found ways to live fabulously for less. I live quite close to PALM BEACH and I frequent the small resale, charity and thrift shops that don the island. You know, the places where one can pick up an outfit that was probably only worn once (although many of the items still have their tags on from Neiman Marcus, or Saks), for a little nothing. I've ALWAYS seen the Palm Beach ladies shopping and trying on clothes in these small resale boutiques. They're easily recognized by their size 4's, decked out in Lilly Pulitzer pink and green, straw hats, taking tiny little steps next to their tiny little pocketbook dogs (who's heads peek out from their designer bags once they are in the store). You can overhear them chatting about Muffy and Missy and what went on at the Polo Match last week or what designer they're wearing to the "65 Roses Ball" or the "Bal des Arts" at the Norton. The wealthy have ALWAYS known that being frugal is a part of the lifestyle of Living Rich.

I live in a wealthy area. My neighbors drive Bentley's and Range Rovers. There are more Hummers and BMW's on my block than I can count. I expect to see them parked at Publix getting groceries. But, when I pulled into the Target parking lot next to a Maybach - I knew for certain that Cheap is TRULY the New Black.

So, with open arms I want to say - "Welcome to the world of the Wealthy"

Photo: Vera Wang's home that was recently sold - Ocean Dr., Palm Beach, FL


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AdvertiseSpace said...

The rich are the cheapest! The cheaper you are the richer you can be...

foamfan said...

I remember a comment from an article in the '70s (during another recession) about what big cheapskates wealthy people can be.
It mentioned that on one occasion, Aristotle Onassis was on his yacht, checking out the kitchen trash and belittling the staff for "throwing away perfectly good spaghetti!"
May or may not be true --- but I still find it funny -- I can just picture someone waving old spaghetti around! (I'm sure the kitchen staff was NOT amused. It would be a nightmare to actually work for someone like that.)

Duni said...

Hi Zipporah!
We have a discount supermarket chain here in Germany called ALDI. It's famous for the wealthy people to shop there, or rather...they send their employees to shop there!

have a nice day!


Zipporah said...


Aldi has come to the states (although unfortunately there are none near me). My son LOVES shopping there. That's too funny because from what he tells me there are a lot of "house" brands. YES, the rich are traditionally VERY frugal.

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