Monday, December 15, 2008

TRAVEL ~ My Discount Cruising SECRET!

100x75I've kept no secrets about my love of cruising. Living near the cruise ports (I actually live near three ports - Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Orlando) means that it's a quick and easy vacation for me. It's also no surprise, if you've been keeping up with Champagne Living, that I'll only travel if it's a GREAT BARGAIN.

One of the cruise websites that I've been using for about five years now is Vacations To Go. Here’s what makes it so SPECIAL. Vacations To Go offers some of the lowest prices on cruises. Why? Because they offer LAST MINUTE cruises. The cruiselines don't like sailing with a ship that's not at FULL CAPACITY, so they sell the remaining cabins at a deep discount.

Right now, I’m watching both the Daily Special as well as using their 90 Day Ticker to find a cruise that visits Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico just happens to be one of those islands that we have not yet gotten to visit and my husband keeps talking about going there. We’ve cruised both the Eastern as well as the Western Caribbean over the past two years and really enjoy the type of vacation that cruising offers.

I know it sounds corny, but cruising really has something for everyone. Exotic locales, great food, nightlife, sports, or just relaxing by the pool. Whatever you love to do is available. My husband and I have very different interests, and we both find LOTS to do (or in my case LOTS NOT TO DO) when we cruise.

The last cruise we went on was totally spur of the moment. I saw the deal, jumped on it and we were cruising to St. Maarten and St. Thomas two weeks later. It really is that easy. Other than packing, we didn't have to plan anything. It was all taken care of for us.

For the first time in years, cruise prices have hit an all time LOW. The fuel charges were lifted by quite a few of the cruise lines just a week ago, so this makes it a GREAT TIME to relax and rejuvenate without spending a lot.

So, go check out Vacations To Go today.

Don’t forget to click on the 90 Day Ticker and the Daily Special for the BEST DEALS.



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Anonymous said...

I love cruising too. I've done the Eastern and Western as well.

Last time I went to Puerto Rico and had a blast.

foamfan said...

This is another good reason (besides sweepstakes trips) to keep the old passport renewed and ready to roll---er, I mean ready to float!!

Zipporah said...

Too funny, but you're right. It is important to keep your passport current. Otherwise there's no way that you could grab a last minute cruise or trip outside of the country.

Zipporah said...

Dree - which did you like better?

Nicole Feliciano said...

I just took my first cruise. IT was a press cruise for the new Celebrity Solstice--pretty neat experience. You can read about it here:

Great blog.

Zipporah said...

Nicole - that must have been a blast! We usually travel on the Princess line, but I've heard GREAT things about Celebrity. I'm going to look into their cruises next.

happykitty54 said...

Hi Zippy! I've leared a few tricks to cruise cheap also! I volunteer to be the "facial model" for the spa tours the day of boarding and gotten free facials this way. I've stayed at the Hyatt in Miami pre-cruise for $35 a night thanks to I check out and find out the most reliable yet cheap shore excursions - half the price, a much smaller group, and personalized tours! Good luck ...

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