Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TRAVEL ~ Get VIP treatment on your next CRUISE!

Ever wonder why some passengers get to sit at the Captain's Table, get invited to private on-board cocktail parties or get SPECIAL treatment? Yes, they may have traveled with the cruise line a zillion times before and have platinum status or they may have paid $5,000 more for the owner's suite compared to your $300 inside cabin. But - THAT'S NOT ALWAYS THE CASE!

The Best Way to get the Royal Treatment is to ASK YOUR TRAVEL AGENT! She/he can write to the cruise line and have you marked for VIP Treatment!

What can you expect? -

How about an invitation to sit with the Captain at dinner?

A GREAT seat in the dining room (your travel agent should be able to get you a table in the center of the room where you can take in everything & everyone around you).

An invite to the Captain's cocktail party.

Flowers/wine/fruit in your cabin.

One of the OTHER little tricks that I have is to PRE-TIP our room steward (as well as to slip a little extra to the person who delivers our room service goodies). On our last cruise, our steward made sure that our ice bucket was never melted and he knew in advance EXACTLY what we wanted. Extra cookies, sodas, etc. were always available in our cabin for us. We were able to get those great thick bathrobes as well as down pillows and the mattress toppers that are reserved for the more expensive cabins. Overall, if you pre-tip you will find the service to be NOTICEABLY better. Remember TIPS is an acronym for "to insure personal service" and pre-tipping on a cruise ship travel will insure this.

Now, go find a nice inexpensive cruise - and - Bon Voyage!


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RobynsOnlineWorld said...

Thanks for the tips! We are going on our first cruise in May.

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