Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TRAVEL ~ Cruise lines DROP fuel charges

As you know, I think that cruising (especially if you live close to a port as I do) is one of the most inexpensive and EASY vacations you can take. As people have been spending LESS on vacations I have seen the prices of cruises go down, down, down. The only thing I couldn't understand was as the price of gasoline went down, why hadn't they lifted those pesky fuel charges (that were not listed in the advertised PRICE of the cruise)? Well, it's finally happened. As of January 1, 2009, most of the MAJOR cruise lines have done away with the fuel charge. What does that mean to someone who's already booked & paid? You will be issued a shipboard credit in the amount of the charge (that ought to cover a few extra Pina Coladas). If you've booked but HAVEN'T paid yet, the surcharge will be taken OFF of your final bill.

West Coasters looking for a great deal can find one right now from Cruise Dealership. Look at this:

Depart on Jan. 17, from Los Angeles for a 7 day cruise to -
* Cabo San Lucas
* Mazatlan
* Puerto Vallarta
& back to Los Angeles.

With inside cabins at only $289 - that's a STEAL!


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