Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RESOLUTIONS - Getting those fInances in order!

Whether your resolution is to SAVE MONEY, PAY OFF YOUR BILLS or just a general organization of your financial life. You will find the information that you're looking for in these blogs.

I have assembled what I think are the top 3 MONEY BLOGS for living the Champagne Living lifestyle. They are all practical and although they are VERY different styles, I find myself drawn to them for various reasons.

My all time FAVORITE money blog is ~
Fabulously Broke in the City
FB has gone from being $59,000 in debt to having a Net Worth of over $85.000...all in the course of 2 1/2 years. She is caught between being a shopaholic and a saver and she exposes her constant battle in the pages of her blog. FB is also a style and beauty maven and you'll get to experience her splurges as well, but all with the undertone of living frugally. Don't be put off by her tales of how much money she makes NOW, because if you dig deeper you'll see that she struggled hard to get where she is now.

My Money Blog tackles saving, investing and real estate in posts that are easy for ANYONE to understand. From the seasoned money professional to those that are clueless, there are charts, graphs and videos to help sort through the investment world. Don't miss the post "Six easy ways to make $100."

Finally Get Rich Slowly is a blog that my banker brother would be proud to see me recommend. Written by "an average buy who found himself deeply in debt" you'll hos J.D. ditched his debt and is now living debt free.

Good luck, I hope that you enjoy reading these as much as I do. Let's all get rid of our debt and get rich together.


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