Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Resolution #4 - Support my fellow bloggers

There's something SO important about building a community. I realize it more and more everyday as I look out into my neighborhood, where there are very few people due to the economic downturn. I can go for long walks around streets that are dense with homes, but see no people. Thankfully, I live but 4 miles from where I had build a wonderful community of friends. It's still very sad though as I realize that I have no neighbors here.

So, I began to think about this online community of bloggers, sweepstakers, style mavens, health gurus, etc. that I have become a part of through forums, twitter and of course Champagne Living. I go and read your posts and your blogs and I am thankful that you come to read mine. But, WHAT MORE CAN WE DO to really support one another? I was thinking about my advertisers and affiliates that I have scattered about the borders of my posts and know that my fellow bloggers and webmasters have much the same (sometimes more, sometimes less).

So for my fourth resolution for 2009, I have vowed to support my the advertisers that my friends have on their blogs. Since, I already support the one's on my blog with advertising and since "clicking through" on one's own site is grounds for DIVORCE in the affiliate world, then why not support my family of bloggers, writers, etc. by actively seeking out THEIR affiliates and advertisers when I do my shopping and research, etc.

So, if you are a reader, friend, etc. and would like me to support YOUR site. PLEASE leave a comment with your WEB ADDRESS not only where you sign in, but also in the actual comments so that we can share with one other. Let's help each other grow in 2009!

Next - more ways to life the Champagne Life in 2009!


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Wendy said...

Great idea Zippy!

You know my sites but here they are again:

What did you have in mind as far as helping each other? Clicking on ads?

I have plans for my sites for 2009 as well but I haven't made my New Year's Resolution post yet. I am still making recipe posts on Shopping Gems.


Zipporah said...

YES!! Clicking, buying, link exchanges, etc. For example - I purchase a LOT from and I am an affiliate. I don't get credit if I click through & buy from my own site. But, if I go through yours - you'll get the commission. It doesn't cost ME any more & I'm helping YOU. This being my first few months blogging, there are so many things that I need to learn & do. Sharing information and help can only make us ALL more successful.

Lisanne624 said...

You are so right! I always click on the ads when I visit a site. It's also great to discover other great blog sites by reading blogs, comments, etc. There aren't enough hours in the day to keep up, but it's lots of fun! I'm also an Amazon associate. I link to books, DVDs, etc. that I talk about on my blog, but so far, no sales. Oh well, I live in hope! :)

Donna said...

I checked out a bunch of your links and put your button on my blog. My blog is fairly new also. Where can I go go get a personalized button for my blog? Thanks, Donna

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