Monday, December 29, 2008

Live Rich and treat yourself to dinner out at 80% OFF

The holidays are over, you're broke, tired of cooking and looking to go out for an evening of half price dining at your favorite restaurant. Half price dining? Come on, you guys know me better than that. 50% off is how I always buy my dining out gift certificates, but the holidays are OVER people, the stores are marking down all of their goods, why not the restaurants?

Well, I just received an e-mail from with a new deal on dining out NATIONALLY! Check this out -80% Off + Free $25 Certificate with /a min. $11 purchase on $25 Gift Certificates. $2 with code CELEBRATE.12/26/08 thru 12/31/08.

YUP, 80% off of thousands of restaurants. So, that means that you'll only pay $2.00 for a $25 gift certificate. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE ( Billy Maize taking over???)....

Just make a purchase of $11.00 or more (including their Dinner of the Month Club) and they'll send you a FREE $25.00 gift certificate!!!

Don't forget to use this promo code at checkout: CELEBRATE

This offer expires on 12/31/08 - so, hurry!!!


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O Pechanga said...

Why does this sound too good to be true?

Zipporah said...

It's not, I use certificates all the time. In this economy restaurants just want people to come in and since you can only use them once a month per restaurant, they're hoping that you'll LOVE them & come back as a full price customer.

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