Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just got to sit on Santa's Lap!

Too old you say? Nobody's too old to sit on Santa's lap.

I just visited got a wish and sat my over 50 self on Santa's lap. Santa and I had a little one on one time about the holidays and gifts. Seems like he has the INSIDE SCOOP on a great new Ceiva Photo Frame that Mrs. Claus gave to HIM. How cool is this, this new Ceiva frame can share photos from just about ANYWHERE including your camera phone. Imagine your friends and family being able to send their photos DIRECTLY to YOUR digital frame? What a great way for to spend time with family that lives far away.

Not only did Santa give me a great holiday gift idea, but he asked me about MY holiday wish. I told him what my ONE WISH for the holidays was (a Flip Camera - so I can create videos for Champagne Living). Knowing that Santa's going to judge me, I picked the most dignified picture of myself that I could (no coal in MY champagne glass this year). I shared it will all of my family online (leaving no stones unturned here). I even got to see the book where Santa keeps his LIST!

Guess what? Santa said that he's going to grant ONE WISH a day, so be sure to go to got a wish today and get ready to sit on Santa's Lap (pick out a fun picture to upload) and maybe you'll win what's on YOUR wish list.

All of the details can be found at: got a wish. See, I told're NEVER to old to sit on Santa's lap.



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foamfan said...

This Santa site is just too fun; I'm gonna be sad when they shut it down :(

Zipporah said...

LOL - the elf was a tad creepy though...

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