Sunday, December 7, 2008

GIFTS ~ buy the BEST only in small quantities

Most people don't take the time to REALLY treat themselves, especially when money is tight. If you're looking for GREAT gifts to give, but don't have a fortune to spend. Remember that a small amount of ONE LUXRIOUS item makes the PERFECT gift.

What do I mean? Well, guys - if you can't afford a dozen long stemmed roses ($50), why not buy a single long stemmed rose? Or even better, if you know WHAT kind of flower is her FAVORITE, a few stems of THAT will do the trick (personally, I'd rather have 2-3 irises than a dozen over-priced roses).

Got a golfer in your life? Why not purchase a box of the world's best golfballs? My husband prefer's Callaway, but each golfer has his/her own preference. Isn't that a LOT nicer than a CHEAP golf bag or knock-off club?

A GREAT bottle of wine is always appreciated. Does it have to cost $100 - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Gary Vaynerchuk let everyone on Twitter know about a GREAT $8.00 WINE this week. If you haven't heard of Gary yet, you should DEFINITELY check him out. Champagne Living looks to Gary for all things wine related.

Need to buy something special for a friend? What about CASHMERE? But, don't think BIG, think SMALL. A cashmere scarf wound around his/her neck on a cold winter day will feel so soft and luxurious. Remember with cashmere that if the label says 8%-10% nylon blends it's NOT REAL CASHMERE it's a blend. The finest cashmere comes from Scotland and has a little springiness in the fabric (yes, you can buy Cashmere from other countries, but if you're looking for FINE Cashmere - Scotland produces the BEST).

Even Tiffany & Co. has a section of lower priced gifts. Imagine how exciting it would be to get one of those blue boxes! They have beautiful Christmas ornaments for only $30 - that would be a FABULOUS hostess gift or wedding gift for anyone.


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