Saturday, November 8, 2008

GRATIS ~ because the best things in life are FREE

Have you been having trouble sleeping lately? I actually have. For me it's the time change, my body doesn't seem to adjust easily and when my "routine" is changed it definitely affects the quality (and quantity) of my sleep. If you are having the same sort of difficulty getting to sleep Tylenol PM & CVS are giving away a FREE "Sleep Better Tonight Kit." The KIT includes:
* sleep mask
* ear plugs
* glow in the dark stickers
* $2 Tylenol PM coupon
* Tylenol PM bookmark
* Good Night Guide


Now that I live in South Florida, I don't see the Cumberland Farms convenience stores that were on every corner up in Rhode Island. I miss them, but most of all, I'm going to miss out on a great FREE CUP of COFFEE.

I just finished reading their press release and I'm WOWED by what they are doing. Between now and December 5, 2008 you can just walk into any Cumbies and get a FREE CUP of their Farmhouse Blend Coffee on Fridays. It doesn't matter WHAT the size is either. It is to promote their new "Farmouse Blend" which is a medium roast with a smooth, harmonious flavor. Additionally, all hot beverages, of any size, will be just 99 cents, every day of the week.


For Antique collectors and those of us who just love looking and reading about antiques, Mercury Magazines is giving away a FREE subscription to "ANTIQUES" Magazine. You have to answer some business related questions (or student, homemaker, etc), but it's really quite quick & painless.

Will be posting sweepstakes next!!


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