Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Good Hairdresser is worth her weight in gold, but a GREAT HAIRDRESSER...

A little over four years ago I made the trip from New England to South Florida. It was to be a permanent migration. I was tired of the ice and snow of Rhode Island winters and looking forward to 365 days of sunshine (ok, so I had a fairy tale fantasy of Florida). Of course, this meant finding a place to live, re-registering the cars, health care, Drs. and finding a new hairdresser. We found temporary housing at my dad's condo (he's a snowbird and his beachfront home was vacant for 6 months, which gave us plenty of time to find a new home). The license & car registration proved to be easy as you can make an appointment and not have to wait in line at the local drivers license bureau here. I chose a Dr. from my new health insurance plan's booklet and spent each day looking at apartments to rent. In the meantime I had grown shaggy and my grey roots were showing.

I decided that I'd just go to one of those "walk-in" hair salons and get a trim until I found the "right" hairdresser and would touch-up my roots with a bottle from the drugstore. As luck would have it, I FELL into Shana's chair. After my consultation...wait, um, hey Shana - did you consult with me or just decide that I'd LOOK GOOD with that haircut and never ask? She began cutting. The actual cut took about half an hour or less. The impact that it had on my life with last forever.

Not a week goes by when I'm not asked "Who does your hair?" I've had to carry Shana's business cards with me wherever I go. She has since moved from that walk-in salon where we first met, to an upscale salon. I have since moved an hour away. But, I would NEVER give up my addiction to Shana. You see, Shana is one of those master colorist, haircutters that can transform your life. I went from feeling that I looked okay, to KNOWING that I look FABULOUS.

I had the opportunity to visit the Frederick Fekkai salon in New York (the flagship salon) for a styling. I won it as part of a sweepstakes that I had entered just last year. I nervously sat in the stylists chair for my "consultation." This was a BIG deal for me, I'd never been to one of those toney New York institutions before. After spending a GOOD 20 minutes looking at my hair, playing with it and tossing it around my stylist asked: "Who does your hair?" I told her that I had it done in Florida where I live. Her response? "Don't you EVER, EVER, EVER leave that stylist, because THAT is the PERFECT haircut and color for your face." A $600 cut & color consultation at Fekkai - and I was told what I already know.

A good hairdresser is worth her weight in gold, but a GREAT hairdresser can change your life.

I first met Shana at a walk-in salon, so you NEVER know where you'll find him/her.

If you're ever in the Palm Beach area:
North Beach Salon
11940 US Highway 1 # 110
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
(561) 630-6141

Just tell her Zippy sent you.

** If you read the comments below - you'll see that Shana has offered 20% off of her color services (and she truly is a Master Colorist) or a few dollars off of a haircut. *

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MasterCuts sends coupons out periodically via e-mail to list subscribers.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thanks Zippy for the kind words! I love you! But why the links to the other places? If any one from this should find me, and mention this, they can receive 20% off any color service or a few bucks off a haircut... smooches

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