Sunday, November 16, 2008

Diet & Fitness ~ is there hope for me?

It's Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday, which is the day I promise myself (weekly) that I'm going to begin. First it was the "muffin top" spilling over my jeans and today I learned that I have "bat-wing" arms. Add to that the possibility of my wrinkles forming a "turkey neck" and I'm ready to throw in the towel before I even start. With images like that floating around in this head of mine....well, you understand - it's frustrating.
As a nation we are so obsessed with pre-fab diets and the newest exercise contraption or class that it makes me crazy. I mean, is my 82 year old mother in law really going to Zumba? Maybe I need to do something about this 54 year old body, but where do I begin? First stop, Alltop. I know I can always count on my fellow bloggers to help me sort through this diet & exercise maze.
The first post that catches my eye is: "Eating Pizza, Coke and M&M's Cures Breast Cancer." Now that's interesting, I am already protecting my health and I never knew it. I was however disappointed when I actually got to Weighty Matters to learn that it was merely a donation being made to breast cancer research by a pizza joint. Oh well, I was so hopeful for that one. It would have been so easy to follow.
You learn something new everyday. I guess I've been walking around all these years misinformed, because apparently Bacon is a Vegetable. Who knew?

Well, actually I do know. I know that I've got some weight to lose and some tightening up to do. I also know that it doesn't have to hurt to work. After spending time in Paris there's one thing I have learned. If I eat ONLY when I'm hungry, stop before I'm full, eat unprocessed foods and walk everywhere I will lose weight. All of the walking (with a little bicycling for distances that are too far to walk) will also tone my body, just the way that I like it. No magic wands, no measuring, no muss, no fuss. No crazy diet plans where I eat only cabbage one day and chocolate the next. No expensive gym memberships or paying someone to yell at me about that glass of wine I had last night. I can still live the Champagne Lifestyle and look great at the same time. Now if I'll only stop saying, "I'll start tomorrow" it will work.

If you have any tips that work for you I'd love to hear them....


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