Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'll admit it. I love to buy handbags and shoes. You don't have to get undressed in those tiny dressing rooms with HORRIBLE fluorescent lights that show off every imperfection. YUCK! But, shoes.....shoes can be slipped on in the middle of the shoe department and handbags are just slung over your shoulder as if you already owned them. Handbags from a catalog or the Internet are even better.

So, what's better than a PRIVATE SALE of designer handbags and shoes?

From November 11-17, KATE SPADE is having a private sale. With prices up to 60% off, this is GREAT and just in time for a little holiday shopping. I admit that I already have one of her bags that I FOUND at Goodwill for under $20 in absolutely PERFECT condition. I wonder if I can drop a hint to my hubby that I'd like one of these as a gift for the holidays?

OH, I almost forgot, I've got an extra surprise for you too. I found a PROMO CODE for 10% floating around the Internet. Just use the code: GOODLUCK1 at checkout.

Enjoy, you deserve something special every once in a while.


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