Sunday, October 26, 2008

SHOPPING ~ For the SKATEBOARDER on your holiday list

I am well past the teenaged years with a son in his senior year in college, but I'm not certain that he has EVER grown out of the skateboard years. Maybe it's something that he still hangs on to from his "I'm so cool" years or maybe he really likes it.

If you have a child (or you're STILL a child) who love skateboarding, Amazon is having a MEGA clearance sale on a lot of models. I found six of them and even if they show " temporarily out of stock" they can be ordered for FUTURE delivery. Most of the boards were originally $80-$110 and are now listed at $15.

* Speed Deamons Dub Checks Full Size Complete Skateboard (7.5-Inch)

* Darkstar Yellow Etch Full Size Complete Skateboard (7.6 -Inch)

* Speed Deamons Skull Checker Red Mid Size Complete Skateboard (7.3-Inch)

* Speed Deamons White Bandana Mini Size Complete Skateboard (7.0-Inch)

* Darkstar Metal Silver Spike Mid Size Complete Skateboard (7.3 -Inch)

* Darkstar Gold Corner Bar Mini Size Complete Skateboard (7.0 -Inch)

These are all eligible for FREE shipping if you spend $25


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