Sunday, October 19, 2008

SHOPPING ~ dressing chic SHOES

If you'd like to get in the mood first, feel free to watch Shoes by Kelly. Since this blog is about elegant style today, I thought it might be too vulgar to put into the post (but, I still smile everytime I watch it).

Personally, I believe that shoes & accessories are the MOST important part of any wardrobe. You've begun by weeding out those old clothes that don't make you look or feel great, gone are the outfits that you've never worn or don't fit now that you've gained/lost those few pounds. You have your CORE.

The next step is to bring them to life. So, today, it's shoe tossing day (watch out Fido). Please go through your shoes and toss any that are so worn that they can't be rehabbed. Throw away those shoes that no longer fit. Take a good long look at what you have to put on your feet.

Now, I'm the first to say that I'm a bit of a shoe addict and I probably have more than I need. But the fact that my shoes (& scarves and jewelry) can make or break and outfit, it's an indulgence I can live with.

So, what are the core shoes for YOUR wardrobe? Well, first of all...unless you're working out...NO SNEAKERS. I am of the same mindset as the French...sneakers are only for the gym and for running, not for "regular" wear. Oh & that goes for Crocs too. Crocs are fine when working in the garden, if you're a nurse or sailing, but PLEASE no Crocs for going out to dinner.

Do you have a GREAT pair of pumps? If you've chosen black as your core wardrobe color, there's nothing that pulls the outfit together quite like a GREAT pair of black pumps. If you've chosen brown or navy...well, you get the picture (although BLACK pumps will go with these as well). They can be mary jane style (with a strap) if you're tall and thin, peep toed (if you have a great pedicure), or my favorite...simple black high heeled pumps. If you REALLY want to enhance that core wardrobe. Opt for a great pair of COLOR as well. Red or Hot Pink agains black is stunning. Bring swatches of color with you as you shop, so you can see how one color really pops against your core colors.

Now, I don't expect you to hobble around on high-heels ALL of the time. I don't. My second MUST HAVE is a pair (or 2) of FLATS. I like flats that are versatile and not frumpy looking, so I stay away from those tacky "seen everywhere) ones and wear Ballet Flats. These look as elegant with a dress as they do with a pair of slacks. If you have the money, London Sole makes the best. I also think that classic penny loafers (Bass of course) can make or break those great fitting jeans and white button down collar shirt.

Now, I live in South Florida, so it wouldn't be right to not include sandals. I have sandals both for day as well as mules that are open for evening. In the colder climates a great classic pair of boots can go with a dress or slacks and be practical as well. Once again, a fine leather boot with a heel in a color that compliments your "core" wardrobe. I'm not talking about LL Bean Duck Boots (unless you're out shoveling snow). Oh and if you haven't yet checked them out. 6pm has Up to 75% off brand name shoes, apparel, and accessories! Shop now! They have GREAT shoes and the prices rival my favorite off-priced stores (like Marshall's or TJ Maxx).

So, you've got your core piece and some great woman ~~ accessories.


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Hot Fuzz said...

The shoes are awesome

Teagan said...

Lovely selection of shoes!! Flats are always my favorite and they are much comfotable!!

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