Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Make Money BloggingThere's a NEW KID on the block in the PAY YOU to WATCH advertisements market called YOU DATA. I discovered it quite by accident on Sunday while looking for money making opportunities (for my blog post). It looked interesting and I wanted to try it out before telling you about it, because I was wary (having never seen it before). It's MUCH easier than MOST of the other Pay to Watch programs (some of which simply put you into a sweepstakes to win points, etc) as you can choose WHEN you want to look at the ads. You have a LOT of control over what you see, as you are first asked a series of simple questions called the "Me File" which highlights your demographics and interests. You are then paid from .05 -.25 per ad that you see. I began this on Sunday and as I'm writing this blog it is now Tuesday evening. I have already earned $7.18 which will be deposited in my PayPal account. You certainly won't get RICH doing this, but an extra few dollars a week is NEVER a BAD thing.

Here's what YOU DATA has to say about their program.

Build your MeFile™

Take ownership of your personal consumer profile. Store it securely and privately in your own MeFile account, where it remains for your eyes only. Define yourself as a consumer as only you can do.

Then, corner the market on you. Get stingy with your data. Hoard it. Protect it. Never share, or sell, your data with anyone. Make sure that your MeFile is the single, best version of you as a consumer anywhere. Make sure that it blows away any third-party attempt at defining who you are. Then you can compete head-on with creepy, invasive Big Brothers and drive them out of business; or at least out of your business.

Place a price on your attention.
Your attention is a valuable product. Advertisers need it, and you are the sole owner and supplier. Stop giving it away. Stop letting other people sell it!

You should be the only one selling your attention.

By placing a price on your attention, even a small one, you start to filter out irrelevant advertisers who do not want to waste their money buying the wrong attention. Think you hate irrelevant ads? Think how advertisers feel - they have had to PAY for them for decades! Give advertisers a direct market and a fair price for your product, and only ads relevant find their way to you.

Invite advertisers back into your life - on your terms.
When you want them, where you want them - IF you want them.

Use your attention as currency to help pay for your music downloads, videos, games - pretty much anything you want. Real money from advertisers directly refueling your preferred online payment account (think PayPal). Or donate proceeds from your attention directly to your favorite charities, causes, blogs, and web destinations.

If you'd like to get started, I've placed a box on the right hand side that leads you to their program. As I said, it's easy and so far I've enjoyed it (not to mention the extra money that I'll have to buy MYSELF a holiday gift this year). If you'd like to donate to Champagne Living, You Data will allow you to set aside a portion (a penny or two) of your ad watching (a sort of tip-jar) if you watch your ads through this blog. Thank you.


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Thank you SO much...I'll be over there shortly!

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