Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Pale Shade of Green

An ECO ATM machine prints out a barcode label for a used phone as founder Mark Bowles demonstrates how his used cellphone kiosk works from his company's start-up office in San Diego, California April 20, 2010. The eco-friendly company is building ATM type kiosks that allow a person to be instantly paid for recycling their old cellphone. Picture taken April 20, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY SCI TECH BUSINESS)

  • I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid
  • I recycle my trash
  • I try not to waste electricity or water
  • I have a NO polyester rule - cotton, wool & silk only (ok, that's a fashion rule...but still)


I'm not "green,""organic" or even "simple" nor (c'est dommage) do I want to be. I have friends and perhaps even family members who would want to throw me in to a vat of chemical waste for saying that, I'm sure. But the truth is, that there are things that I've become used to and don't want to give up.

Clorox bleach. Really, what says you're bathroom tile is CLEAN more than the smell of Clorox? I know that when I step into my shower that all of those things that were beginning to GROW are now GONE. A quick spray after each use of the shower and I don't have to worry about mold, mildew or even scrubbing.

Artificial sweeteners. My friend Rachel from is going to come stomping all the way from Connecticut to Florida when she reads that. She'll tell me that I'll get Alzheimers disease (which I'll probably get anyway since there's a family history), and a host of other medical issues. Besides all of those chemicals have me well preserved. I love you Rach, but "sh*t, I gotta go" with my Splenda on this one.

Soda. Diet, "real", anything with bubbles. The truth is, it's in the bubbles. If I could drink Perrier Jouet all day long without ending up on the floor, I would. Since I'd rather not end up in rehab, I'll keep on drinking my Coke Zero. Hey, I don't smoke, do drugs, or sell myself on the street corner. A girl needs SOME vices, doesn't she?

I suppose I'm caught in the middle between doing what's RIGHT and what's convenient. I'm sure that there are a lot of you like me, who are satisfied living more of a moss than a kelly green and that's all right. Maybe it's generational, maybe it's that I don't really want to give up the things that I really enjoy. Whatever it is, I'm happy being somewhere in the middle.

Where do YOU stand on the whole GREEN thing?


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Rhonda said...

I am so with you. I especially love my Clorox and Mean Green cleaners. I love that chemical smell.

And admittedly, if I had an all-electric car, I'd miss the smell of gasoline.

Zippy said...

Rhonda - is it all sensory? I like the smell of gasoline as well. hmmmm

Rachel Ferrucci said...

You NEED to give up those sweeteners!!!! and No Diet Soda!!!!! I will not give up on you because I love you too much!

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