Friday, July 23, 2010

5 tips to spruce up YOUR mansion

Those of you living in the MA area, have you been to HUDSON yet? Jill Hudson, interior designer has the most BEAUTIFUL store in the South End of Boston on Shawmut Ave. (as well as a second location in Wellesley). I just love her ability to blend vintage, modern, traditional and country and make it feel so warm and inviting.

"When I'm brought into a home to help design the decor I always offer some value-driven options to help people realize that interior design is not always about a new purchase," explains Jill. "Let's start with what you have and then decide what we need to add."

Jill offers up a few ways to spruce up your home for only $50:

- Of course the most simple change comes in a can of paint and a little elbow grease but let's do something different. Let's use some painter's tape and create either horizontal or vertical stripes. We can even get a bit more imaginative and create a flame stitch pattern.

- Take the same approach with flooring. Let's paint a rug on your wood floor. We can change the design every year and you don't have to vacuum.

- Consider flowers and plants. A beautiful plant in a charming planter can add life to a table, and if its big enough it can add life to an entire room.

- The biggest surprise? Let's work with what you already have. We'll move furniture and accessories around and keep in mind that furniture doesn't always have to stay in one place forever. Bring those lamps from the bedroom and try them on either side of the living room sofa. Move the sofa to the other wall and pull the side chairs across the room. You'll gain an entirely new appreciation for what you already own and then we can assess what you might need.

- Vintage. Vintage. Vintage. Go to your local flea markets and estate sales where you can find accessories and sometimes even furniture for no more than $50. Most of the time I like to keep these items the way they are but reupholstering is fun too. Simple finds such as an old chair with a new coat of paint can brighten up a dull desk.

For more from Jill, you can follow her on twitter at as well as keep up with her on her blog at


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