Friday, April 2, 2010

Will Tony make a chef out of me on No Reservations?

 This Monday's No Reservations is going to be a bit different than the "usual" episode. There will be no gallivanting in far off lands, no dining and drinking with the locals and no eating foods that are well....unusual. This week's show will be about cooking techniques.

So, I'm assuming that after watching I'll be tossing out that TV Dinner and donating my cans of soup. Why? Because after the instructions from some of the best chefs in the world. I'll be able to make  HOST of dishes (see below).

Check out the things that we're going to learn!

1. How to use a knife - Demonstrated by the one and only Anthony Bourdain. "It ain't that hard" - this is actually MY personal challenge. I'm married to a former chef and never learned how to properly chop. When I watch him I wonder how he does it so quickly. I'm eager to learn how to quickly slice and dice without losing a digit (or two).

2. How to cook a lobster - Dave Pasternack (aka "The Pope of Fish") explains how to pick out and cook the perfect lobster. This is actually one of MY specialties. Having grown up in New England I can boil, broil and stuff a lobster that would put Emeril to shame (and he used to work at my FAVORITE lobster restaurant in Swansea, MA)

3. How to cook an omelet - Jacques Pepin shows viewers how to create an omelet from cracking the egg to plating it.

4. How to grill a steak - Tony believes "most people are murdering meat before our very eyes", so Carlos Llaguno (Executive Chef at Les Halles) demonstrates the proper way to prepare and cook a steak. Remember...don't rush it! I'm always amazed at how a good chef can tell exactly how the steak is cooked, just by a simple touch.

5. How to roast a chicken - Thomas Keller of Per Se shows how to roast an entire chicken. The technique is so simple anyone can do it! An important tip is to bring the chicken to room temperate before cooking to ensure even cooking. Since this is a staple at the mansion, I'm eager to see what Thomas Keller does to get  his chicken SO PERFECT.

6. How to make a hamburger - This segment is great, because Tony points out the irony in having a French guy (Chef Laurent Tourondel) school us on how to create an American classic...the hamburger! The key is to cook it on a flattop instead of a grill. My mouth is watering at the thought of a great JUICY burger.

7. How to make red sauce - This recipe recipe can also be found on! Chef Scott Conant cooks pasta from memories of watching his grandmother make dishes like cavatelli and orecchiette.

8. How to make french fries - Carlos Llaguno whips up a batch of the famous Les Halles french fries from scratch.If you've never had fries from Les Halles, you'll want to visit JUST for an order of them. They are sublime!

9. How to make a classic Boeuf Bourguignon - Tony talks about what kind of meat to use, how to season the dish, and which wine to use. Luckily, cheap wine is okay!

I'm so excited that all of the techniques and recipes this week are PRACTICAL. I could see myself (or cook) making any and ALL of these dishes each week.

So, please don't disturb me this Monday at 10:00 PM, because I'll be glued to the television.


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RobynsOnlineWorld said...

That roast chicken is one I always struggle with. I have no idea why either.

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