Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I Learned from - A Hair Colorist

This week's "Things I Learned From" comes from 

Hair Colorist Adrienne Rogers of Cutler NYC and Hush Salon Philadelphia

How to get on a salon's 'A List."

When you have your hair colored often a colorist will apply a glaze to your hair to refine and perfect the tone. Depending on what you're paying there will or will not be a charge for this service. A salon may be more a la carte or the glaze will be included in the price of your highlight. Using the term "a la carte" when questioning the colorist if you'll be charged for the glaze is a great position of neutrality to ask this question. If you are charged and not expecting it it could cost you from $15 to $40 on top of your price. Glazes are not a waste of money however and if your respected technician says it's a good thing you may consider going with it anyway.

Deep conditioners are often an add on as well. If you're being offered a deep treatment ask if a charge will be added to your service. A great way to turn a negative into a positive is if your operator is running a few minutes late often a salon will give a complementary conditioning treatment to buy a few minutes. Then you
can make an educated choice next time you come in if your treatment was helpful to your hair or not.

Check with your hairdresser if they offer free bang trims or clean- ups. We often clean people up between services to help ensure they look good all the time. If you develop a good relationship with your stylist it is far more likely that they will bend over backwards to make you look and feel good all the time. It is worth it for you to be on time and a little bit flexible because in the long run you may get free haircuts for your birthday etc. Take care of us and we'll take care of you.

One misnomer that's a problem for the hairdresser is the "just a trim" concept. It's rare that this is less work for the hairdresser than a real haircut. The same geometry and steps take place with 1/4" as 2". Respecting the time of your hairdresser and how they make their living is a big part of the relationship.

The least expensive place is not always the best deal. Building a respectful relationship with your stylist will pay back in dividends as they value you for valuing them.

Adrienne Rogers is a nationally known and well-respected colorist. With 21 years of experience, she’s developed her own approach to creating drop dead gorgeous shades. She developed her craft at New York City’s prestigious Cutler Salon where she remains a senior colorist. She’s also co-owner of Philadelphia’s celebrated Hush Salon located in the young and hip Old City neighborhood.

In addition to garnering a host of devoted followers, her skillful approach has won rave reviews from the media. In the matter of one year, Rogers’s Hush Salon has been named Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best Of” for Cut and Color. She’s also been featured in Philadelphia Style, American Salon, and Allure and has been a stylist for New York’s Fashion Week. But where she counts her major success is her devoted clientele. They trust her to keep them ahead of the curve and current. In an industry that offers so many options, she is continually sought out as she delivers what she promises: beautiful, glamorous hair that’s never fussy.


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Victoria said...

GREAT TIPS. :) I've had some bad haircuts in my day so hair salons are no place to cut corners!

Zippy said...

No they're not. It's not like you can take off your hair and put on another (unless you wear a wig...and I KNOW you don't).

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