Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Help raise money for Haiti with CasaBlast

It's always refreshing to see companies giving back and CasaBlast seems to be doing this on a HUGE scale, by donating $10,000 IF they reach their goal of getting 10,000 people to sign up. That equates to nearly an entire cargo container of FOOD and SUPPLIES for people who are in desperate need.

The cool part? CasaBlast is a FREE service, so it won't cost YOU any money and you'll be helping immensly.

CasaBlast is a new service that will hepl keep your family both ORGANIZED as well as connected. I don't know of any other service like this. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE (no this isn't a trial offer - it will remain free).

So, how do YOU help? Simply go to CasaBlast through this link provided by Twittermoms
What is CasaBlast?
CasaBlast provides you with the ability to message everyone in your family at any time, from any PC or mobile phone. It automatically sends out reminders of upcoming events to everyone who needs to know, and it even allows you to create and share lists of chores your kids need to complete when they get home from school. Everyone in the family shares a calendar and communicates as a group from any PC or mobile phone. You can learn more by visiting this TwitterMoms/CasaBlast signup page
Don't forget to tell YOUR friends and family about this by  tweeting, posting and telling them about it. To make things simple - just  Click this link to tweet now! You can always edit the tweet before sending.


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