Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frappuccino Light - am I biased?

As I'm sitting here drinking one of the new Mocha Frappuccino Light coffee beverages by Starbucks and watching the clips that you see below of New York Fashion week with one of my FAVORITE new designers - Christian Siriano.  I KNOW what you're thinking. How can she be objective about fashion that we already KNOW that she loves and a drink from her FAVORITE coffee company (you know, the one that I worked for for so many year and am now retired from).

My answer is - I CAN'T. But then again, all reviews and opinions are subjective so.............

I've ALWAYS enjoyed Frappuccino's. Yes, I love those icy cold frozen drinks that are made from Starbucks delicious Italian Roast coffee and flavorings in the stores as well as the bottles that I buy in the grocery. But NOW I can enjoy them without as many calories and sugar. The Vanilla Frappuccino Light has 50% fewer calories and 60% less sugar than their classic Vanilla flavor, making them less devastating to your hips, but just as decadent to your lips!

I have a secret drink recipe that I LOVE to serve when I have guests at the mansion. Just add some Kahlua to your Starbucks Frappuccino and you've got a GREAT cocktail (I use 1 part Kahlua to 2 parts Frappuccino). OK, so maybe that brings the calorie count up a bit - but it also brings the FUN on as well.

These new Starbucks Frappuccino Lights are available in both Vanilla and Mocha (my favorite). If you'd like to try one for yourself. Click on the picture - it will take you to their facebook and twitter application and give you a coupon good for $1.00 off!

Just what I need ANOTHER indulgence......

Thank you to Pepsico and YouCast for sending me samples of the new Frappuccino Light for this review. I was in no way compensated and all opinions are strictly my own.


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