Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blockbuster Express threw down the gauntlet and challenged me!

And, being the woman that I am I ACCEPTED this challenge and faced it HEAD ON.

Yes, Blockbuster Express challenged me (and a few others) to create a Cheap Date for under $25.


Apparently, they have  NO IDEA who they're dealing with here. I've been accused of MANY things in my life, but being a cheap date is NOT one of them (except when it's ME who's opening the wallet).

$25 doesn't seem like enough for MY kind of date, especially if it includes renting a DVD.

My first mistake - I let HUBBY pick the movie. Couples Retreat???? I wanted to see Coco Before Chanel.On the bright side, Blockbuster Express only costs $1.00 to rent a movie (and I had a FREE code).

You can avoid going through what I did by using the Code: 205G13B, giving you a FREE DVD Rental when you rent the first one (Code is valid thru 3/31/2010. When you rent a movie at the regular price, you'll receive the first night's rental on a second movie FREE. Extra night charges and taxes apply. May not be combined with any other offer. Rental terms and conditions apply. Not valid at Blockbuster store locations.). If I had done that we would have EACH seen the movie we wanted to (note to self, reserve my movie ONLINE next time, so I don't get stuck watching another movie that HE CHOOSES).

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Next - it's on to the FOOD part of my Cheap Date. I knew that for $25 we weren't going to be dining on Filet Mignon, but I did the next best thing! Here's my shopping list ~

Appetizer - Spinach & Artichoke hearts with cheese in mini bread bowls  -  $3.99
Ground Beef - $4.12
Bakery Kaiser Rolls for the burgers - $4.29
Gorgonzola Cheese - $3.79
Sweet Potatoe Fries (with chipotle seasoning) - $3.49
Bottle of Wine (Merlot - we're having beef) - $5.00
TOTAL = $25.01

OK, so  I went over by a PENNY. I don't think that's so bad, considering there's a bottle of wine included.

I figured that since this was MY challenge, that I'd give cook the night off and do it myself. SO I slaved over the stove (um, I put the already cooked appetizers on a cooking sheet and did the same with the fries and stuck them in the oven), making gorgonzola burgers and the WHOLE dinner. 

All I'm saying is, that I wouldn't do this for just ANYONE. Of course, since this was a challenge, I took it PERSONALLY

The food was great (although as you can see we had an uninvited guest). 

This was truly a date worthy meal all for a mere $25.00 (ok, AND A PENNY).
I'm thinking that with Blockbuster Express and $25 in my wallet that we could have a cheap date night EVERY week. Only next time I CHOOSE THE MOVIE!

Why not create a Cheap Date of your own? With the code:205G13B you can rent 2 movies for $1.00 at your nearest Blockbuster Express and enjoy a real date with your girl, guy, family, friends, or YOURSELF this week.  Now that's Champagne Living!!!

I received a gift card from Collective Bias for participating in the Cheap Date Night promotion for Blockbuster Express


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Naomi said...

I am mildly embarrassed to say I thought Couples Retreat was hilarious.

Zippy said...

It's just not what I wanted to see. It WAS funny, it's just that HE always gets to pick the movies (so not fair).

Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Zippy, great post! Can't wait to write my post and watch a movie!

Katja Presnal said...

I loved Coco before Chanel! Hopefully you'll get to watch that one soon too. The Couple's Retreat... I fell asleep...

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