Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Want to be a Gear Tester

This afternoon I received an invitation to be a gear tester for a woman's athletic magazine and I got to thinking that there must be MORE opportunities for people who enjoy exercising and sports to test the latest in gear.

Here are a few magazines that have readers like YOU test gear for the pages of their magazines. In most cases you'll be asked to send in a sample review.

Outside Online - the online portal for Outside Magazine

Send an e-mail to:


1. Your concise (under 100 words) qualifications as a gear tester. Please be specific, and include which products you are qualified and willing to review.

2. A sample review, within your area of expertise, for a product that you currently own and is still on the market. No more than 200 words

  1. They offer a Quick Start Guide to becoming a tester that includes
  2. Signing up at Yahoo 
  3. Register at BackPackGearTest
  4. Complete a review, etc. HERE

Backpacker Magazine

To Apply:
The application requires two steps and must be completed by March 30, 2010.

1. Send a short (150 words) sample gear review of a piece of gear to (Hint: Study the magazine for style, voice, and formatting.) The email should include your name and a link to your video application.

2. Create a video and post it on YouTube. Tips:
  • The video must be 3 minutes or shorter.
  • It must convince us that you’d make the perfect Backpacker Gear Tester. Are you a certifiable gearhead? Do you log more trail days than anyone else? Are you a master at articulating how and why things work?
  • Be creative.


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