Monday, February 22, 2010

Ski for Less

We USED to go skiing on the weekends when we lived up in New England. We traveled to Canada to ski at Mt. Tremblant, shusshed down the slopes in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, and even stole away for a little night skiing every once in a while at the tiny Yagoo Valley in South County, RI. Since moving the Florida we haven't hit the slopes AT ALL.
Over the past ten years, skiing has become more and more expensive and taking a family can do a LOT of damage on your wallet if you don't plan well. There are still LOTS of discounts and deals to be had if you just LOOK.

Liftopia - this is a great site that finds the BEST deals on lift tickets for you directly from the ski areas. I like to use it for those day trip's or if I'm staying with friends and I have to buy my lift tickets separately from my lodging. With savings up to 47% (Shawnee Mountain has lift tickets listed at only $28 on Liftopia right now), this is a MUST CHECK site. - Search out DISCOUNT COUPONS on various ski resorts and mountains across the US. You'll find lift tickets, lodging deals and even dining deals. Simply type in the ski area and print the coupons.

Sliding on the Cheap - I've used this e-mail newsletter for YEARS to find the best deals in New England. Choose your region (New England, Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Pacific Northwest, Southern California or Utah) and get e-mails with the BEST deals in YOUR chosen area. We let this newsletter determine WHERE we'd ski, because of the AMAZING deals that they find.

SkiCentral - I used to enter their sweepstakes for ski vacations, which is how I first found this site. SkiCentral offers not only discounts, but links to just about any information regarding skiing and snowboarding that you'd want. Deals, lodging, equipment, weather and more are listed. If you're looking to WIN a vacation - they still have their "CONTEST" page.

Enjoy your winter and maybe I'll see you in the lodge!


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