Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leave the cold behind - 5 Day Cruise

It's been FOREVER since I've been on a cruise (OK, maybe not forever - more like 18 months), but this cold weather has got me thinking about spending a few days basking in the sunshine and being waited on hand and foot.

If you're in the same "boat" (sic), Cruise Deals has announced a FABULOUS 5-Day Carnival Cruise on the Destiny for only $299!

Available dates are

  • 4/24/10 - Western Caribbean
  • 5/3/10 - Eastern Caribbean  (that would be MY CHOICE)

Both cruises are on the Carnival Destiny and leave from Miami, FL. I looked up the taxes and fees as well and they're only $55.33 on the Western Caribbean trip and $62.01 for the Eastern Caribbean (not at all bad). Considering ALL that you get, this is quite a bargain. Both of the cabin assignments are in the "guaranteed" category.

Personally, I ALWAYS book that category, as they tend to use those bookings to upgrade if they overbook and have an opening (rather than people who've carefully chosen their stateroom in advance).


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