Monday, February 8, 2010

Heaven's Alchemy

I know, I know, Perfume is one of the more traditional Valentine's Day gifts (along with flowers and chocolates). I also know how difficult it is to buy a scent for someone, unless you know what they wear regularly. Frankly, buying someone the SAME perfume that they wear all of the time takes VERY little thought. Finding a scent that evolves memories, luxury and transports you to exotic places yet discovered can be a challenge.

Heaven's Alchemy has created a series of scents meant to transform the way that you think about perfume. The represent the transformative power of love, be it Storge (familial love), Philia (friendship), Agape (altruistic love of humanity), or Eros (romantic love). This power is known, understood and cherished by all cultures. The Heaven's Alchemy Medallion is an artistic expansion of the Alchemical symbol for gold, the mystical symbol of enlightenment.

I was sent a sampler of perfumes representing various cities (and cultures) from all over the globe, to try.  Since scent is such a personal choice there were some that I fell in love with (Milan, Monaco and Paris) and others that didn't really take me to that special place that perfumes so often do.  I realize now that all of the scents that I am drawn to have  similar base notes (patchouli, sandalwood, amber, etc.).

What I LOVE about Heaven's Alchemy is that these are PURE concentrated perfume oils, not that JUNK that passes for perfume. This means that the scent will linger much longer onyour skin and evolve with your personal chemistry throughout the day.

The perfumes bottles are sold in sets that include a magnificent handcrafted crystal bottle along with a roll-on applicator and an exotic looking tassel traveler. There is a certain glamour and luxury surrounding Heaven's Alchemy that I find so appealing.

My suggestion, if you're not certain WHICH of the scents are for YOU is to try the sampler set.of all 13 of their fragrances. This way you can try them and see which of them takes YOU away to that magical place.

Thank you to Heaven's Alchemy perfumes for sending me a free sampler set to try for this review. I was in no way compensated for this post and all opinions are strictly my own.


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