Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Reservations is BACK - start warming up the TV dear

It seems like it's been FOREVER since I've gotten my fix of my favorite man about the globe Anthony Bourdain. I MISS his cynical charming ways and quick wit. Mostly, I miss feeling like I'm with him, traipsing around the world, eating and enjoying all of the places that I've yet to visit.

Don't expect me to be updating Champagne Living, tweeting or ANYTHING other than sitting and watching television on Monday nights.

This week Tony will be visiting PANAMA. OK, so it's the home of Noriega and all of that white powder that was so POPULAR back in the 70's, but times have changed and Panama is now a thriving country. Of course it wouldn't be one of THOSE episodes if Tony didn't put himself right in the midst of 6 tons of cocaine.

We'll get to join Tony as he enjoys a ceviche tour of the city (including some very creative versions). Then it's on to Chinatown. WHAT? You didn't know that Panama has a Chinatown. It sure does, and it's OLDER that the one in NYC even. OK, so that means plenty of MSG, wonton soup and roasted duck (

Tony also takes a trip to East La Grande for some "shellfish, bare feet, and beach", and even visits the most dangerous neighborhood in Panama. I have a feeling that we'll hear some complaining out of Tony as he heads deep into a jungle so thick and dangerous that guide books say you're a "goner" if you get lost (I'm imaginging the dialogue in  my head as I type this), and finally burns $300-$600 million worth of cocaine with local law enforcement. Don't worry, Tony promises "there will be no Lindsday Lohan jokes".

So....who's with me? I expect that the Internet will be VERY quite on Monday.

What? No Reservations
Where? The Travel Channel
When? Monday, January 11 at 10PM


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RobynsOnlineWorld said...

I will be watching too! Just love Tony!

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