Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Coupon Mom's holiday meal for.....

I love to save money on the BIG things. I'm actually quite good at that. If you scroll some of my past posts you'll learn how I travel for less, dine out at top restaurants for free, go to art galleries, theater, etc. for little to no money. Yes, I DO know how to Live Rich for Less.


I have difficulty with the little things. Groceries always seem to take the biggest percentage of my budget. The funny thing is that I KNOW BETTER. I understand coupons, sales, BOGO's, etc. I just don't follow through. Perhaps I just need a bit of


You might have seen Coupon Mom (Stephanie Nelson)on The Today Show or Oprah. She's just started a VERY exciting project, offering her how-to videos on You Tube  as well as on her website.

With a new episode posted weekly (until late April), you’ll learn everything about saving from shopping at grocery stores and drug stores to eating at restaurants inexpensively and even entertaining on a budget (but if you're a Champagne Living reader - you'll already know how to do the restaurants thing). There are even a lot of fun hands-on challenges and an intensive savings boot camp! What a FUN way to learn how to save at the grocery store. If you're hoping to save 25% or 50% or even up to 75% this show can help!

Oh and just in time for the holidays, Coupon Mom's FIRST show will be highlighting ~

How to keep your holiday meal UNDER budget (she was able to create a holiday meal for 30 people for only $43.66).

If you're looking for the ins and outs of couponing. Check out Coupon Mom's Show EACH Thursday.


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