Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are mobile phones on your holiday list?

I'm a Sprint customer. I have been for a VERY long time, mostly because (at least in my case), I find them to offer the MOST for the LEAST amount of money.

They recently sent me some of their holiday deals, so I thought I'd pass them case you were in the market for a NEW PHONE. Sprint will be keeping their HOLIDAY PAGE updated with the latest deals that include

FREE PHONES including:

  • LG LX370: FREE starting 12/6/2009 – 12/25/2009
  • Samsung ReClaim: FREE starting 11/30/2009 – 1/3/2010
  • Sierra Wireless 598U (Mobile Broadband Card): FREE starting 11/1/2009 – 1/9/2010
  • RIM Blackberry Curve: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE starting 11/1/2009 – 1/9/2010
I really want the ReClaim - because it's an Eco-Friendly phone...made out of 80% recyclable materials.

I'm due for an upgrade.....if the ReClaim is free, it's the PERFECT time for me to score a new phone.

Thank you to M80 for passing along this great information about the newest Sprint deals.


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