Sunday, November 29, 2009

What do you get the girl who has everything? chicBuds

A few months ago I was sitting out at the Harbor Beach Club in Fort Lauderdale relaxing with the Sunday paper in a cabana that my brother had reserved for us. It's one of my FAVORITE ways to spend a Sunday morning, and I try to do it as often as I possibly can. The way that the cabanas at Harbor Beach are set up (at least that's what they WERE like before the renovation that's going on) is that there are 2 cabanas next to one another and you get to know the people in the next cabana, as you're sharing a deck.

There was a family in the other cabana that we've shared with fairly often. She's the glitz and glimmer of the beach club. You'll find her wearing the TRENDIEST clothes, wearing the BIGGEST hats and having the most glitter on the beach. Her phone rang and I was BLINDED when she picked it up. She had had her ENTIRE cell phone encased in Swarovski Crystals. I asked her about it after she completed her call. She told me that she had brought her phone to the Swarovski store and that they painstakingly put each crystal on by hand in the design that she chose. I didn't DARE ask her how much it cost (she wouldn't have told me anyway). She gave me a FAKE smile (kind of smug actually) before turning her chair to face the sun.

Later in the day she took out her iPod and basked in the sun. I noticed that her iPod was just plain. I thought, this woman NEEDS some chicBuds .

I recently received a pair of these glamorous little ear buds and I must say that they're SO much fun to use. I mean, I match my shoes, bag and jewelry when I go why not style up my mp3 player? PLUS, I travel A LOT. Um, I actually had to buy those God Awful headphones on my last Jet Blue flight to NY, because I had forgotten mine.

What I LOVE about chicBuds is that they had ALL OF THE FEATURES that I want in earbuds, plus they have that fun, over-the-top, feminine look that I just LOVE.

ChicBuds are RETRACTABLE, which means there's NO TANGLING (and when I just toss things into my big old Vuitton Speedy, EVERYTHING gets mangled). I found them to be very comfortable (but if you have TINY ears or you're buying them for a pre-teen, they also make chicBuds Jr. for kids).They have a CLIP feature, so if you doze off on your flight and the buds fall out of your ears, they'll still be clipped to you. But most of all - you'll be OH SO STYLISH!

What a great holiday gift for your glamor girl daughter, niece, girlfriend, etc. They're a great stocking stuffer and what an impression you'll make when she opens these up!

By the way, I'll be bringing these (along with my PinkTooth that I'll tell you about a little later) with me when I go to the beach club....just to rub it in a little.

chicBuds are available at stores nationwide and online at retailers like for under $40.00.

I'd like to thank the Chic Execs for providing me with my HOT pair of chicBuds for this review. I have in no way been compensated for writing this review and all opinions are strictly my own.


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