Friday, November 27, 2009

Trident layers - why am I talking about GUM?

It's Black Friday and I'm in the midst of a whrrl about shopping. Armed with my list and phone to take pictures, I should be concentrating on the task at hand SHOPPING.

So, why am I talking about GUM?

Well, partly because Trident sent me a couple of packages of their newest gum: Trident Layers and partly because the FLAVOR of this gum is keeping me going on this non-stop day. On a day when I'm overtired, overfed and over anxious popping a piece of this innovated new gum grounds me a little.

I was sent packages of Wild Strawberry+Citrus and Green Apple+Golden Pineapple. My first thought was --- this is kind of BIZARRE. Why bother to LAYER flavors of gum? That was until I popped the Green Apple+Golden Pineapple into my mouth and began to chew. My first thought was that this tasted a lot like one of hard candies that I used to LOVE, my second thought was, hmm... it's like popping two pieces of candy in my mouth at the same time.

What makes this gum EXTRA special is the fact that it's made with real fruit flavors. It's built like a gumwich in 3 layers and the flavor is INTENSE. Which brings me back to WHY I'm talking about gum on Black Friday. I need this to keep me awake, keep me going and jolt me a bit. Not in a caffeine way, but in a flavorful way.

If you'd like to try the new Trident Layers as well, Trident is offering a .75 cent off coupon so that YOU can try it as well.

Thanks to Trident for providing me with these 2 packs of gum for this review (and to keep me going on Black Friday). I received no compensation for writing this review and all opinions expressed are purely my own.


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