Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Music to your Little One's Ears

The mansion is always filled with beautiful music. From Dvorak to James Taylor and Bach to Beyonce, there's nothing that lifts the mood than listening to wonderful sounds.

It's just as important to give share your love of music with your children. We have always listened to NPR, so "B" grew up listening to classical as well as the music that was current. As a result, he has a HUGE library to pull from and one of his strong suits is being able to score films. I'm certain that this came from him being exposed to a variety of music (as well as art, theater and film).

To make things a bit easier, Little Music Lovers has put out a series of CD's aimed at providing your baby and toddler with the a head start, by choosing melodic pieces that are meant to enhance learning. There have been studies that "The Mozart Effect" (the listening to classical music early on) can help develop math, reading and memory skills and most of all help to encourage their language skills.

There are four titles, each with a different focus for your child.

Little Music Lovers: Lullabies - Smart Music for Bed Time - with pieces like "Beautiful Dreamer" and "Ava Maria" to Bach: Smart Music for Activity Time that includes my all time favorites “The Brandenburg Concertos,” you'll find music that is both soothing and enlightening for EVERYONE in the house.

Little Music Lovers: Mozart - Smart Music for Play Time, is a collection of work based upon classic stories and fairy tales including "Pastorale" and "Paddy Whack". ! Mozart: Smart Music for Play Time includes works performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Little Music Lovers: Bach - Smart Music for Activity Time with my all time favorite "The Brandenburg Concertos" will be the CD that you'll probably go back to again and again (as even the person who doesn't like Classical music will recognize much of this album.

Of course Little Music Lovers: Lullabies - Smart Music for Bed Time will help your little one settle down for sleep with the beautiful voice of Leontyne Price and others doing classic lullabies.

All four CD's can be purchased at Amazon.com for under $7.00 each (or downloaded onto MP3's).

Thank you to the Little Music Lovers for sending out a sampler for this review.


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kalea_kane said...

I'll have to look into this for my cousin. :) Thanks!

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