Friday, November 20, 2009

Mr. S at Marshall's

OK, so I'm a selfish shopper. I get so much enjoyment going to the likes of TJ Maxx and Marshall's and picking up something for myself. At their price points, who can resist?

A few weeks ago I figured that it was Mr. S's turn to go, so we headed down to Rte. 1 in Jensen Beach to shop at Marshall's.

Mr. S is over 6'2" and looks like one of those BIG football player types. As a matter of fact he went through school on football scholarships, but got hurt and never played in the big leagues. But he still LOOKS the part (except at 56 he's lacking the muscle and hair).

Marshall's is one of the FEW off-price stores that actually has a Big and Tall Department. OK, not ALL of the Marshall's have them, but there are quite a few that do. It's the ONLY place that I can find REASONABLY priced clothes for him.

We were on a mission. A mission to find a sweater or polar fleece here in South Florida. When you live here year round, you find yourself grabbing for a sweater on nights that vacationers are out in shorts and a t-shirt.

We had NO PROBLEM finding this handsome looking Claiborne 1/4- zip, brown pullover - perfect for those chillier evenings. At only $14.99 it was marked at half of the retail, but in the Big & Tall shops this fleece would have cost us about $60.

Now I feel like we're even. OK, we'll NEVER be even when it comes to shopping. Somehow he just wasn't born with that shopping gene that I came equipped with. That's okay though, because at least he knows that he just has to go to Marshall's to find what he wants at a discount.

Marshall's and TJ Maxx had given "A" & I $25.00 gift cards in order to tell you about some of our great finds. We'll be featuring our shopping expeditions on The Review Broads in the coming week.


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