Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flo TV

FLO TV Personal Television

As you know I was recently invited to meet with a number of reps in NY in order to bring you the top products for your holiday gift list. My meetings with companies from Cuisinart to the Orlando Visitor's Center at the Team Mom event went well and you can expect to see reviews of both products and hotels (you may have read the "girlfriend's getaway" that was posted last week). The highlight of this trip was the premier of the latest in electronic gadgetry.

Flo TV.

Flo TV's technology is fairly new. If you're an AT&T or Verizon mobile customer you may be watching their unique brand of television via your cell phone RIGHT NOW. On Thursday November 12th, FloTV unveiled the first hand-held television of it's kind. Slightly larger than an iPhone or iTouch, this Qualcomm device will allow you to watch television from the palm of your hand. With an onscreen guide (similar to those you'd have on your digital television service), Qualcomm and Flo have teamed up with ESPN, NBC, Fox and more to bring you the latest in programming (check to see if it's arrived in YOUR AREA yet). We're going to be enjoying FloTV as we sit out by the pool at the mansion or while we're waiting to tee up on the golf course.

This real time NON-STREAMING (no downloading or waiting) device's service is available nation wide. With a 5 hour battery life, FloTV allows the finest programming in a dedicated personal television. Imagine watching MTV or Comedy Central (or the bonus programs that are available for premium channels, special events and more), just about anywhere. I'm just hoping that cook doesn't get so carried away watching Oprah, that dinner get's ruined. With the simple swipe of a finger, you'll be controlling your new television and enjoy your favorite programming right away.

At under $250 (including 6 months of service), the hand held FloTV looks to be one of the hottest electronics on the market for this holiday season. Look for automotive devices to debut later in November. Audiovox has developed a back of the seat unit that will be installed (aftermarket) in the 2010 Chrysler automobiles and I'm certain that you'll be able to install these in any make or model. With the likes of Nickelodeon, etc. on board - these should keep the kids happy in the back seat on long drives. Once I learn more about these, I'll be sure to let you know. Just don't let the chauffeur watch while he's supposed to be driving, or you might not make it to the Charity Ball.

At this point the service is scheduled to cost $14.95 a month (after the initial 6 months), and I'm assuming that the longer you commit, the less the per month cost is. Although it is NOT broadcasting in high definition, the unit did appear to have that crisp, clean look that we're used to. This 4.4"x3" (and only .5" wide) television, has a fold out stand that makes it easy to place on a desk for use next to your computer, in the bathroom or on the kitchen counter.

The FLO TV Personal Television is currently available through Radio Shack as well as and Best Buy. I'm putting mine right next to the computer in my office so that I can enjoy a little daytime TV and still spend time with my readers (um, I'm not sure this is what they meant by the term multi-tasking).

My feeling is that this is a great gift for the person who has EVERYTHING. My college aged son would LOVE to have this for when he's hanging around on campus between classes. This has the potential to be a gift that everyone wants and it's cheaper than last year's video game machine (YAY).


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Vacation Deals said...

great gadget..
people will surely love it..
and it's one great present for holiday season..
thanks for the post..

Mike Demler said...

I am not so hyped up about this device, which was actually introduced in October at CTIA Wireless in San Diego. (You can read about it in my report on New Devices & Technology from 2009 CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment at

The FloTV device has only QVGA resolution,whereas many cell phones offer several times the resolution for viewing video content. In my live viewing at CTIA, the picture was low quality. I think most consumers will be better off viewing video, whether FLO or other sources, on their cell phones.


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