Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Coach Sale - you heard me....I said a Coach Sale

I know just how difficult it is to find Coach handbags and Wallets on sale. Because of that I LOVE shopping at the Coach Outlets. Over the years I've purchased (or received as gifts)

  • 3 Leather Coach Wallets
  • 1 Fabric Coach Bag
  • 3 Leather Coach Bags

So, I guess that means I must LOVE Coach! My mom always said that a good handbag NEVER goes out of style and one of the bags that carry is a Coach Handbag that she purchased in the 1970's - so I guess she was right.

If you're nearby a Coach Outlet you know the fabulous sales and discounts that they already offer (
up to 60% off). Well, Coach is SWEETENING THE DEAL and they've posted a

COUPON for an extra 20% off
their already discounted prices.

The coupon expires on November 15th, so you'll have to hurry - oh and please don't knock me over as you rush through the door (I might drop the arm full of bags that I'm carrying).

To find a Coach Factory Store near you - simply check out their Store locator page.

Hmmm.....I wonder if they're going to have any of the Kira slim totes there? I've been wanting one.....
Thank you to Wendy from Sweetie's Swag for alerting me.


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