Friday, May 29, 2009

Let me call you Sweetheart - or WHATEVER!

One of the things that I look forward to in February are those tiny little Sweetheart conversation hearts that start showing up. Maybe it's just the kid in me...I've always looked forward to them. I know, it's MAY - but there's a reason for my madness here, so please indulge me for the moment.

Have you noticed how over the years, the sayings have changed? A lifetime ago (or so it seems) I was an actress and then a drama teacher. I used to LOVE when these candies would hit the shelves, because I'd use them in my class. The kids would pick out a heart, read what it said, destroy the evidence (the BEST part) and then play a game of charades - acting out what the heart said. It was fun, easy and cute. I liked the fact that every few years there'd be something new to read and destroy (EAT) for my students.

Well, NECCO is at it again! They're looking for 80 NEW sayings to put on the 2010 Valentine’s Day Sweethearts and if yours is chosen - YOU COULD WIN A FABULOUS PRIZE!! This contest ends in a couple of days (May 31st), so hurry over to the My Sweethearts site and you might win a run of customized hearts worth $8,000 or other great prizes.

Here are some that I remember - "My Girl", "Love You" and "Miss You" - some of the newer one's say "E-mail Me", "Get Real" and "What's Up"....what can YOU come up with?

You can follow Sweethearts Candy on Twitter at: @My_Sweethearts

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