Monday, April 20, 2009

Swap til you Drop

Tired of last season's Louboutin's? Can't be seen in that Alexander McQueen dress yet again? What's a diva to do? There's a recession going on you know.

From Posh-Swaps in London, to New York's Swap-O-Rama, fashion swapping (or swishing parties as their commonly called) are the hottest rage for the frugal fashionista. Across the country small gatherings of friends, massive swaps in convention centers and even ONLINE swaps have replaced high priced trips to the mall.

So, how do you find the best swaps in YOUR neck of the woods? The best way is to get your friends together and organize one yourself.

  • Invite friends that are within the same size range
  • Each guest must bring at LEAST one article of clothing, shoes, handbag, etc.
  • Set guidelines - only clean, in-fashion articles can be swapped
  • Prepare a fitting room - a guest bedroom will work
  • Keep it fair - if you brought 5 items, you can take home 5 items
  • Separate items into categories for easy swapping - such as items of similar value or size
Would you rather swap from the comfort of your computer?

  • DigNSwap - swap fashionably by uploading pictures of your items online and swapping with others
  • SwapStyle - with PAGES and PAGES of items to swap, you're sure to find EXACTLY what you were looking for. Tokens are given for feedback, so you know if your swapper has a good reputation.
  • Commuto - this trade friendly site goes beyond fashion and has swapping of all kinds including books, DVD's and even cell phones.
For the LARGE organized clothing swaps, organizes, lists and runs the BEST of the BEST in glam swapping.

I may just invite Muffy and Bunny over to see if they want to organize a little Frock Swap of our own......


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